Signature Healthcare   6115 Park S Dr 100 Charlotte,NC28210   (704) 554-8787
Signature Healthcare
6115 Park S Dr 100
CharlotteNC 28210
 (704) 554-8787

Reviews Of Signature Healthcare

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Jimi Heiks
Jul 08, 2018

This is the best way to experience healthcare at its finest! These Doctors are great and the staff is friendly. I won’t go into specifics but Dr Lipton is very thorough and I may not be here today without his attention to detail! I highly recommend this group!

Jay Ostendarp
Jul 06, 2018

Dr. Silverman and the rest of the staff are amazing. I love the fact that they care and you never feel like a number.

Nancy Lopez-Ibanez
Jul 03, 2018

We have had nothing but excellent experiences with Signature Healthcare Everyone, from the front desk to the nurses and the doctors are dong what they love because their attitudes reflect that they are happy to be there! Just what we were looking for.

Brett Kina
Jun 29, 2018

Jun 29, 2018

Being a member of Signature Healthcare is an excellent investment in my health. It gives me access to a doctor even in the middle of the night. I recently coughed up significant amount of blood at 10:30 pm. I was frightened. In minutes I was talking to a doctor that I knew and discussing what to do. Went to a nearby emergency room, but it really wasn't life threatening. But what if it had been?! And when I see my doctor, and you have a choice, I'm not run through in 15 minutes. We can take all the time we need. Time enough to talk about my medical issues, for me to understand any problems, and to consult on needed action. The main office on SouthPark is very well designed, attractive, and peaceful. The entire staff are pleasant and focused on their patients. The cost of membership is a good value. It helps me take good care of myself.

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